It’s a Sunny, Sunday here in Hazzard

It’s a sunny, Sunday here in Hazzard, or about as close to Hazzard as your going to get. Ran into a snag with the BLM, on Hazzard City, so working on that.

So as I awoke this morning at 06:30 thought, I’m not going to Church this week, rather go next week. But at 08:00 got a strong prompting to do so. So got to the meeting house, and was chatting with this gal, who had the hottest spiked heels that I had seen in a very long time. The heels were rolled like they had been turned and milled in a lathe. I have seen this before>hot bike but not quite in the same style so we got to chatting up til services were about to start. Saw the Bishop for just a few, thanked him for the help to get over a bad two weeks while PoohBear had to spend Club money on her brother. So up came this super hot blonde gal, who I could tell was really blonde, but not blonde stupid. Unfortunately she’s hitched so no mention of poster girl projects were uddered but I wanted to. See this relates to the Hazzard Syndicate Report. The entire organization needs the radio op going again. Every day, I mean EVERY DAY that KTOW is not blistering the airwaves, the club looses $12,000.00 per day. Yes that’s how much it makes when its going full throttle. While I only get 5% of that, still, my walled and the Club’s cash stash is hurting. Now the up hill battle, will be getting people who havent heard us both over the air, as well as on line to tune in, likewise sponsors and fans to trust us again. Now that we’ll be setting up again, after my Bishop over in Twinkie Flatts, is also a renowned attorney, once we get it back up and fully operational, we need to get a spotlight on us. So we are gearing up to do some racy but tasteful TV and print ads. How do you get the 80% Male corpuscles to watch the ads? Put hotties by bikes, muscle rides, hot trucks and yes even for our Deere Dazzlerz subsidiary, John Deere’s >61931315_394079294782986_2213243557261606912_nit does make a difference. Now yes we could hire out of state talent, and yes we could have a faster turnaround, but I can hear local city and state Father’s , saying, ” Hey we have great looking ladies here why not hire them?” But it doesn’t stop there. What about on air talent. Face it, with Heavy Rescue Toewing, HCC, and all my butt is as busy as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Again, with 80% of our audience being guys, the best way to get them to tune in is to have a velvety lady voice, purring into that mic. More over on our being worked on website to carry the show on video, the honey behind that mic better have eye candy as well as that velvety voice or its going to fall flat. Now to go one further. Have you ever looked at radio execs, they look like pencil headed long necked geeks. That is not our audience, and our in studio cams, will only see me with my long gray hair, with a HeeHaw style honey beside me as well as when I’m away. Why have two people on air. Besides the fact that once in awhile, I need sleep, feed, piss, poop. I can’t count how many times when we were going near full throttle in Evanston, when I’d be on air, and a toew call would come in. So I’d either have to hand off the call, and loose money, or shut down the show, and again loose money. Having a co-anchor, in there that can carry the show on, without me, means if I’m on air, and get a toew, then I can respond. Now then, because the broadcast industry hasn’t kept up. There are no as far as I have researched , no 60 day basic radio broadcast basic skills schools any more. Used to be what was called the Ron Baily School of Broadcasting. You’d enroll, pay $4k, and come out with basic radio studio skills. Like wise, when we fired up KTOW as a legal station in 1976, if we needed a lady voice, I could make a call down to SLC, Utah, the school would send us a few leads and we’d have our on air talent. Now days that resource doesn’t exist. So one needs to recruit, train, and put on air the right people. In the last 5 or so years, long after Nurse GoodBody , I have had two, that could go in and do a show without me having to  hold their hands. Codi-Lee, and Athea were the only two, out of those two, Codi-Lee was the best. Even operating out my residence in Evanston, Codi-Lee could not only come into the house to do a show, but I was so comfortable having her there, I could go into my room, close the door and sleep , heck she even came in once when I was taking a poop, with the door open, and wasn’t phazed at all. She sat down , did her solo show, and we started catching a buzz. Had PoohBear not gotten so tweaked at Codi-Lee, and held the money up, so I could pay Codi, ,I might even still be in Wyoming, could have held onto the shop, and not be in the mess I am now.(story for another time) However at the dawning of the reignition, of KTOW/HazzardAyre I want it as streamlined as much as possible. So yes I am looking for talent from all possible places, including Church. This time as well, I have identified 4 places away from my residence, here in Burley. Of those 4, 1 , rents for $300.00 a month. That’s a resource I never could find in either Twinkie Flatts or Jerome. Plus I think I found me a house. More on that in my next report.

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