I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, Welcome to OUR Hazzard County.

So woke up this morning with a cramped foot, from having it pointed south, rather than upright under my blankets. Causes all kinds of pains. Plus can’t ever get my pillow to work right. It’s a fight all night long. After awhile I finally find that sweet spot and lift off for dreamland. The Knytes had in their brains to run down to Hazzard City today for a short run, and while it IS sunny out, still there’s a freezing wind blowing, and its just too cold. So stayed home. Ran into a bible thumping MC at our local Smith’s Food Store here. They were raffling off some junk, for $10.00 per hit. They were doing well, but half of the patrons, just shrugged and left the store. Now if the had, a trick Harley there to win, and a biker hottie there they would have sold a ton more of those tickets. Doesn’t matter how conservative you are, red blooded Confederate Male Corpuscles will buy anything from a hottie wearing the right kind of outfit. Just dig this one for one of our supporting sponsors, John Deere, 61931315_394079294782986_2213243557261606912_nKinda sets the whole thing off and draws attention, which is 70% of sales. Just like I did for HCC in the early days, IJUSTLOVETOEWSthat toew smooch did a lot for sales of product, including our toewing service. Even got us in 4 national enthusiasts publications. 


When it comes to the Hazzard Knytes, I can’t believe how big as far as numbers of members. We all thought we’d have maybe 25, tops, in membership, of rural grassroots gear heads. When Jimmy, Karl Kuhn, Alfred Kuhn, Vanessa Wood, Bro, and I conceived the idea of a muscle ride club, combined with a Dukes-of-Hazzard fan club, it was purely a promotion gig for the then Hazzard County Garage , now Hazzard County Choppers. That one feature photo of OUR General Lee, looked more authentic than the car the studio was taking to custom shows. That one photo, let everyone know we were serious about such an organization. The Hazzard Knytes created KTOW FM, but more important we became and in many circles the standard of what a true muscle ride organization should be. We have been copied, but never duplicated. Plus now we are working on establishing our own town and community, in essence a gear heads commune. Which is why I’m sweating it out here in Burley.. 

Until next time rebels.

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