Can I just lick the sweat of your sexy feet, honey? And HCC now has a shop for real.

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Have you ever been out working a call, and saw a sweetheart so beyond comprehension, that you just wanted to flat just lick her dainty feet? Feet are not just sexual, but biblical. How many times does feet surface in biblical scriptures. Even the prostitute, who knelt by Jesus’s feet and washed his feet with her tears and dried them with her hair. Has this scene whipped past your brain? Then recall, the crowd about to stone this same woman, when Jesus said to them, let he, who has never sinned throw the first stone. It revolved around the idea of nobody is purrfect, but in any case was made up of reference to feet. More details on this at 00:00 hours. Also at 09:00 hours, Friday we’ll have a pictorial of our new shop. It’s poetic. In a way, since the shop I’m moving into, is the same shop…

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